Fresh Baked Goodness

At markets and shows year-round. At our baking facility. By mail.

How to get our products:

  1. Check our calendar pages for locations. These may be recurring seasonal Farmers’ Markets or one-time events. Some are indoors, many are outdoors. Click on the dates and events for detailed information.

  2. Drop in, but it’s best to call ahead, as we are not in the bakery every day. (616)895-0600

  3. Have it shipped! We charge the cost of the product plus shipping. We use USPS flat-rate boxes whenever possible, and can fit 3-4 loaves in a medium rate box or 6-8 in a large rate box. Call or email us for more information.


All of our bread, roll, and cake items are currently $6 each with the exception of Gluten Free loaves, which are $7 each and Strudels, which are $8 each.


Our Signature Cinnamon Swirl

Just one of the dozens of flavors we bake. Try it toasted or as delicious French Toast.