Marketing Research

The Great Bread Company




The Great Bread Company must increase brand exposure, brand recognition, and consistent customer loyalty in order to capture a larger portion of the specialty bread consumer market (both new and returning customers) in the Midwest.

  • Do local businesses see an actual increase in revenue from brand exposure via social media?

  • What benefits do local businesses see in having an active and robust online presence?

  • How important is brand loyalty in the specialty foods market?

  • Do consumers use online research as a primary purchase deciding factor when buying local?


Research Methods

  • Focus Group

  • Online Survey

  • One on One Interview

  • Online Research (third party reports and surveys)


Research Results

Focus Group Takeaways:

  • Social media for local business downplayed

  • Website usability along with Google search results and positive reviews emphasized.


Survey Takeaways:

  • 58% of participants said they were likely to purchase a local product based on promotions and advertisements.

  • ⅔ of respondents were likely to complete research before making a purchase.

  • 61.7% would consider themselves at least somewhat loyal to local brands.



  1. Have a Google Presence

Google Business Profile

Google Reviews

Google Ads


2. Create and Implement an Online Calendar

  • Importance of customer loyalty for small businesses

  • Importance of efficiency when browsing online


3. Have a Website

  • The heartbeat of a small business’s online presence

  • Creates a sense of validity when customers are researching local brands

  • Usability and simplicity is vital to your customers